Study Overview

In response to the growth in Downtown Fredericton, the Fredericton City Council commissioned a study of downtown parking in mid-2016. The study includes a thorough data collection effort that will analyze demand for the city’s current public and private parking supply and how parking is currently being used (i.e., by visitors, residents, employees) to help project future parking needs. This data will be used to develop a parking management plan that will provide near-term and long-term strategies to maximize parking and improve mobility in Downtown Fredericton.

Public outreach will be a key part of the study and will include a variety of ways for community members to share their thoughts, perceptions and concerns about parking and mobility in the study area. Outreach will be conducted throughout the study process and will provide multiple opportunities for citizen input during all phases of the project – from start-up and data collection to the development of preliminary recommendations and finalization of the parking management plan. Outreach will be conducted via online survey, public meetings, and encounter surveys within the downtown area.

The Parking Master Plan will be a complementary effort to the ongoing master planning effort, Imagine Fredericton.

A draft of the Final Plan will be delivered to the City in the Fall 2017.

Study Map

Completed Activities

Project Kick-off (Summer 2016)

Initial Stakeholder Meetings (September 2016)
     • City Council

City Administrator

Downtown Fredericton Inc.
     • Fredericton Convention Centre
     • Main Street Inc.
     • Ability New Brunswick
     • Fredericton Tourism
     • City of Fredericton Transit, Planning, and Transportation Planning
     • Imagine Fredericton

Multicultural Association of Fredericton

Stepping Stone Senior Centre

Parking Data Collection (September – October 2016)

Upcoming Deliverables

Current Program Assessment Draft – Winter 2017